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Memorandum - Overall Reform of the Spanish Electricity Sector (I)

First Milestone - urgent measures to ensure the financial stability of Spain’s electrical system: particular reference as to the new economic regime for cleantech -renewables, co-generation and  waste- plants.
Overall reform of the Spanish electricity market — new power framework in Spain.

Last Friday July 12, 2013, the Spanish Cabinet announced an overall reform of the Spanish power market, which is expected to take place by means of a new Electricity Law (that could be enacted by the end of 2013), eight royal decrees and three ministerial orders developing thereof.

These announced new set of measures are aimed, principally, at balancing the regulated system’s revenues and costs ending the unsustainable and growing tariff deficit.

To such effect, certain (not all) announced urgent measures to ensure the financial stability of Spain’s electrical system have already been enacted (by means of Royal Decree-Law 9/2013 ).

As a consequence hereof, cleantech (in Spain, renewables, cogeneration and residual waste) plants will be subject to a new legal and economic framework, the guidelines of which are outlined in the referred Royal Decree-Law 9/2013 .

In this Memo we analyse the first set of measures passed-by the said Royal Decree-Law 9/2013, whilst the expected-to-come Electricity Law and developing rules shall be, once approved in the coming weeks, subject matter of subsequent Memos. 

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